Dudes Now Prefer Personalized Luxury Travel Over Backpacking Trips

The sharing economy and a market demand for personalized experiences have changed how Millennial men like to travel. When a pair of flip-flops and an oversized backpack were all young guns used to desire for a trip to Thailand, today it’s a well-designed suitcase and environmentally sustainable accommodations. Guys are travelling in line with the generation’s general preferences for high quality and personalized experiences.


Millennials are endless explorers who want to travel to learn something new, and experience something new too, not just go somewhere and pass time passively. And surprisingly, given that guys want crazy experiences whilst travelling, they take almost no time to plan and book a trip. Going down a rabbit hole of travel photos on Facebook is all it takes to get a dude to book a flight, pack his bag and flip his boss an email to say he’ll be back in a week.

In fact:

  • 87% of young guns are looking at Facebook for travel inspiration
  • 60% of Millennial dudes upgrade their travel experience en route, purchasing upgrades like inflight wi-fi and select seating, and more baller accommodations
  • 68% of guys will stay loyal to the travel brands that offer the most benefit to their experience, or make their trip easier and better (like a no-fuss, solid suitcase)

Dudes are travelling to countries like Spain, Croatia, Portugal, Nicaragua and Australia — places where the food and wine are fiiine, there is tons of art to discover and the people-watching is even better. Millennial guys really aren’t into the faded all-inclusive travel model where you fly somewhere and lie down for a week. They’re all about seeking out the richest-possible experiences with luxury elements.

The luxury elements that guys want aren’t traditional luxuries, like sports cars and penthouse suites. Luxury to Millennial dudes means perfection in the details, like when their pair of comfortable walking shoes are Alexander Wang and made from calf leather, their dinner reservation is at a Michelin star restaurant in Modena and their carry-on luggage is really, really nice.

Truth is, young dudes are travelling right.

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