Luxuries and Annoyances of Working Near The Path

The Path is the largest underground mall in North America. It’s a series of underground tunnels that run deep below the financial district. It’s also a safe haven in the middle of a -20 Canadian winter!

For those of you working in Toronto’s financial district The Path connects you to hundreds of shops and restaurants without having to step foot outside in the frigid temperatures. I spent about 4 years working in buildings connected to The Path. It felt like I would spend my entire winter underground accessing my gym, my office and I could walk nearly all the way to my condo underground. Now that I’ve left the corporate world, I’ve said goodbye to elevators and sadly The Path too, but these are the things I will never forget.

You get lost, a lot
I have yet to meet someone who is a true Path expert. If that’s you, I’d love to spend a weekend exploring with you, I’d give myself a B-. Although I am familiar with most of the buildings that used to surround me, there are still some unexplored areas. When new restaurant opens unless you know the specific food court, you’ll waste time wandering around. Also giving tourists directions is near impossible, not to mention the brigade of suits glaring at you as you stop to help someone in the middle of rush hour.

Everyone goes great lengths to avoid the Soap Stories employees
If your daily route underground requires you to work through First Canadian Place you will go great lengths to avoid accepting a sample from this high end soap dispensary. The employees are eager and lunge into the crowded hallways offering you a sample, but then suck you in to talk about soap. Sorry, but I don’t have time for that during a quick coffee run.

The salmon run
If you find yourself walking in the opposite direction of Union Station during rush hour, be warned. You will be swallowed up by the crowd. Briefcases will wack you in the knees and you will experience severe cut eye from people you ‘inconvenience’.

the path-Toronto-Financial DistrictThe leather jacket wearing lady of the TD Centre
Those who know her, know better than to try to engage in a conversation with her, she will yell at you. She’s harmless but I have witnessed her rage a few times when people try to ask her questions or if she needs help. Want to get on her good side? Give her a bottle of Coke (her favourite drink).

The food options are endless, yet your sick of everything
Fast Fresh was usually my go to, usually 3x a week. Now that I work in the Fashion District my lunch options are much more limited (and require me to put on my jacket to grab food or coffee). When my office was connected to The Path I usually picked my lunches based on the shortest line-ups, and I wasn’t alone on that.

People love free shit (except soap)
Seriously, whenever there is a pop up team handing out samples at lunch people literally throw elbows to line up for a free coffee, granola bar, or pizza. I never quite got this, as most of the people working in the financial core are making 6 figures yet jump at the chance to snag a 60 cent freebie.

Whether you love it, hate it or are confused by it, The Path is definitely worth exploring. Happy navigating, friends!