Luvmybox Spices it Up in the Bedroom

Let’s face it: sex can become a little routine among long-term couples now and again. Luvmybox provides a discreet (more discreet than reading Fifty Shades of Grey from an e-reader on the subway) way to rev up your sex life and explore your wild side in a sexy monthly care package. Providing everything you need to prevent falling into a couples’ rut, for $35 a month, this sultry box of goodies is sent right to your door. 

The boxes are discreetly packaged in black, but contain a variety of flirty adult-oriented products to incorporate into your relationship and the bedroom. Does it make you nervous? Created to be enjoyed by everyone, they aren’t too risqué, and are simply intended to add a little spark to the regular routine and help you explore new options in the bedroom.

The initiative offers a strategy to obtain the goods without the sometimes-awkward sex store visit, with the best part being the element of surprise. It’s also a great outside-of-the-box gift for couples, newlyweds, best friends or a bride or groom-to-be. 

Subscribers can determine their membership length, and every month is a new experience. Memberships are available in one and three-month subscriptions, the latter of which can save you $5. Subscribe online for your monthly delivery here.