Lunch Time: UberEATS Launches Today in Toronto

Wondering what to do about lunch today?

How about lunch delivered from some of your favourite downtown spots in less than 10 minutes?

Today, UberEATS launches in the T-Dot, after rolling out the program in New York, LA, Chicago, and Bercelona. Toronto marks the first Canadian city to adopt the service.

Hours after you take an UberX to work, you can turn to the company again to bring some of your favourite grub right to your office door. This means offerings like Bar Buca, P&L Burger, Caplansky’s, Kupfert & Kim, Fresh, Hawker Bar, Valdez and Khao San Road.

Sounds much better than the coffee shop bagel to us.

The roster of restaurants will be switched up daily – but you can expect only the city’s finest.

While it will be waived for the first two weeks, the company will add a $3 delivery fee to your order – a price that won’t increase with the number of items ordered. There will also be a “fare split” feature, that allows you the option to split the bill and service fee with your friends or coworkers.

The hangry set will also appreciate the ability to track their delivery in real-time.

Just don’t get your hopes up unless you work (or live) within the service area. (Don’t stress too much if aren’t right now, apparently it will expand in the near future.)

We don’t know about you, but all of a sudden, we’re uber hungry. 


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