Meet Andrew Wells: Fintech Entrepreneur & LGBTQ Advocate

On this week’s episode of The Lucky Few Podcast, hosted by Aaron Parker, Andrew Wells dives into what it’s like being a gay male in the corporate world and how common circumstances may change as a result.


Andrew Wells, an ambitious Fintech entrepreneur and the founder of Pinch Financial, used to be in the corporate banking world only to realize that his ambition, creative problem solving and the need to build was best suited elsewhere. Andrew is an LGBTQ Advocate and walks us through how he came out and dealing with “interesting” situations in the corporate world. He also does an incredible job of providing support, encouragement and specific steps one should take if they are struggling to come out or simply want to feel more comfortable in their existing workplace while always being able to be themselves.

You can enjoy listening to Ep #30 of The Lucky Few podcast here.