If Your Love Life is in Shambles, Stop Ignoring Your Intuition

One of the biggest (repeat) mistakes I made in my dating life was ignoring one of the most powerful and poignant tools that most astute and emotionally in-touch women are armed with: intuition.

It is that innate feeling when something is wrong or “off” – perhaps inspiring us to research or pursue suspicions further. For those who pay attention to it, it’s become somewhat of a sixth sense…and once we have that gut feeling, it’s almost always right (sadly, whether we like it or not). The problem is that intuition is tough to speak rationally about when it comes to matters of the heart. I’m sure there are countless others who have been accused of stirring the domestic pot at some point in relationships based on a gut feeling alone, or declined a second date with a great catch because something just didn’t feel right.

And I’m sure it’s not just the ladies, either.

After chatting with Courtney Taylor – a modern-day psychic, energy healer, and spiritual coach – it became clear that in our increasingly disconnected culture, being more in tune with your intuition can help your dating cause in everything from swiping right on Tinder to confronting long-term partners about gut feelings.

The term “women’s intuition” is one that gets thrown around a lot. What exactly is this and how does it differ from intuition? Do men have a unique sense of intuition as well?
We ALL have a sense of intuition; some of us are willing to dig it out to their advantage more than others. I have a lot of men that I work with that have really done great with growing their own intuition by getting more mindful of what they are doing and living in the moment. Many women are emotional overthinkers – we can’t help it! Men carry more of the structured, disciplined, and logical energy, so their way of accessing intuition is often a spur of the moment gut feeling.

How does intuition factor into app-facilitated dating culture when you only have a few photos and brief, curated descriptions about potential matches?
Body language speaks volumes! Look at the pictures on the individual’s profile and ask your guides, “Who this is?” “will this person be honest with me?” and “is it okay to move forward?” You will get the answers – trust that. I teach people how to tap into their own intuition, how to recognize the signs, and how to ask your guides for help along the way. It’s much easier than people think.

How can we be more in tune with our intuition on first dates? Is there a fine line between being too picky/critical and sensitive vs. intuitive when it comes to initial encounters?
Intuition is a great tool to use in the dating world and in the process of getting to know someone. The goal is always the same when I advise someone who wants to tap into their inner truth: expect nothing. Sounds counterintuitive, right? I advise my clients to stay away from expectations and to be in the moment. This way we can avoid any of the ego that can stand in the way of making accurate judgemental calls when we are meeting another person or trying to take a relationship to the next level.

How does being in tune with your intuition benefit a relationship?
If used properly, it can definitely help you to open up the lines of communication. I always encourage my clients who start to experience premonitions or have had a true sense of knowing to stop and do a self check-in. What are you feeling when you think of this person? How do you feel when you are talking to them? Ask yourself these questions. Talk to your guides and ask for them to step in and introduce themselves. Tip: Ask for a sign and for it to show up three times. You can even get specific and ask for exactly what you want to be shown. Watch what happens… seriously!

How do you explain those intuitive feelings to a partner when something is “off” in a relationship without being accused of creating problems or being “crazy” and irrational?
I love when people can be open and talk about things freely with a partner, but I totally understand that going with a gut feeling makes you vulnerable. I teach self-confidence and self-awareness on the daily to my followers and preach about the value of it. If you go into a situation where you need to effectively communicate something that may be bothering you, put emotion to the side and communicate with facts. We tend not to listen when people’s approach is too heavy with emotion. Often, it ends in the blame game. Fact versus emotion is my rule of thumb for effective relationship communication. Always.

How important are astrological signs when it comes to dating? Should you be weary of compatibility from the start if your signs aren’t compatible?
I love this question! I’m a huge fan of astrology. I would not go so far as to say avoid someone you could potentially date because of their sign, but we (spirit and I) encourage you to use his or her sign to better understand behavioural patterns and personality quirks. Everyone is different, so you cannot base everything on just reading a horoscope and learning about your sign. Go out on that date. Explore and meet new people.