Louboutin Nails are the Next Big Thing

Red soles on nails?

Don’t believe us? Then check out #LouboutinNails.

Nail art lovers and Louboutin shoe enthusiasts are paying tribute to the coveted red sole shoe by showcasing the trend on their nails.

This isn’t for the short ones though, ladies.

In order to really flash those red bottoms, you need those have some length to work with.

Don’t think you have what it takes to pull this off? Think again. Christian Louboutin came to the rescue by creating a special rouge lacquer which features a fine felt-tip brush that allows you to add sexy red to every under-layer of your nail.

The classic look is all about painting the top black or nude while the underneath flashes red as you move your hands, just like your shoes do when you strut down the sidewalk in your $1000 pair of Loubis.

Need some inspiration on how to re-create this look? We picked some of our favourite Louboutin nails from social media for you to mimic below.


Cover image of nails from: may-mayhem.blogspot.com

Images from instagram from: chezannsalons , hello.bombshell.2202, getnailedyyc , timando.de,

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