London is Getting a ‘Sky Pool’ and You’ll Definitely Want to Take a Dip

It’s going to rest 10 stories above the ground and connect two apartment buildings.

And you don’t care, ’cause all your body and mind are telling you is to shut up and dive in. Forget the glass floor at the CN Tower, this pool might be worth the price of a plan ticket across the pond.

Being described as a world first, the pool is being built as part of Embassy Gardens, a 2,000-home multiplex in London’s Nine Elms district.

According to Homes & Property UK, the glass-encased pool will be 90 feet long by 19 feet wide, with a depth of nearly 10 feet. Oh, and the glass will be about eight inches thick. Which does not sounds like a lot considering it’s the only thing separating you from a 10-storey drop. But who can think of these things when there’s a sky pool to jump in…

Though, just in case a few tons of water suspended high above a city block isn’t exactly your cup of English tea, you won’t always have to be in the pool to enjoy the “dramatic vista of the Palace of Westminster and the London Eye. The linked sky deck at the top of the two buildings will have a summer bar and sun loungers, a spa and orangery.”

Of course, when you want to have nice things you also have to pay the nice price. Apartments go on sale this September starting at £602,000 ($1.2M Canadian). If you can’t afford that, find someone who can and make them invite you.

This is the best reason to be friends with someone simply because they have a pool since you were in second grade.