Liquid Love at Greenhouse Juice Co.

Well, it’s official. The cutest store in Toronto has been found. Seriously, stop the competition – it’s not even close. 

The tiny, 350-square foot cottage at 5 Macpherson Avenue, on the border of Summerhill and Rosedale, is filled with smiling faces and, more importantly, some of the best juice in the city. Cold-pressed every night, each brightly coloured bottle you find stacked in the fridge at Greenhouse Juice Co. is ‘alive’ for only 72 hours. So what does that mean? Good question. Luckily, Co-owner Hana James is standing behind the counter when we walk in and she’s more than ready to explain.


If it’s your first time at Greenhouse Juice Co., you should prepare your palate for the world of juice that’s about to come its way, ‘cause here, they let you to try everything before you buy anything. This means some one-on-one time with Hana and nearly a dozen flavours of their house-made juice. 

As she starts to take us on our juice flight, Hana begins to explain the difference between cold-pressed juice and the most common form of juicing, centrifugal juicing. By using a hydraulic press, Greenhouse Juice Co. claims to “coax every colourful, delicious drop of liquid out of a plant while keeping its health-giving properties intact.” The problem with other forms of juicing is that they often involve heat (pasteurization) or high amounts of pressure (pascalization), which Greenhouse Juice Co. believes affects a juice’s chemistry and thus, its ‘natural life’. That’s why they press their juice every single day, even if it means it will only last for three. Their commitment to delivering the freshest juice doesn’t just end there, however; they also only use ingredients that are certified organic as well as choose to bottle their product in glass rather than plastic (return 10 and get a free juice!).

On the menu you’ll find five categories: smoothies, waters, boosters, cold-pressed juices, and handmade nut milks. Hana take us through nearly all of them. The Rococoa (smoothie) is a delicious little concoction that is a nice introduction to what Greenhouse Juice Co. is all about. It’s fresh, healthy, and feels like a much better afternoon decision than, say, the bag of chips or cookie we sometimes give in to. Next up is a taster of the Clean-Zing (water), a spicy little number featuring enough liquid cayenne to make your mouth sweat. Hana points out that this is a great one to have in the morning to, um, get things going. The Good and Deep Roots are examples of the rich cold-pressed juices that are chock-full of everything from kale and apple, to beet and carrot. The menu says they’re good for bone strengthening, detoxifying, and a host of other benefits we don’t suspect you’ll find on the side of a can of Coke anytime soon. There seems to be, quite literally, a juice for everything. Immunity boosting, weight management, the flu, digestion, anti-aging – these are just a few of the rewards these juices claim to offer.  

Greenhouse Juice Co. says a single 500ml bottle can contain up to twelve servings of organic fruits and vegetables, and always without any added sugar. Well, one thing’s for sure: if this sounds like the boost you’re looking for, we happen to know one heck of an adorable little shop to get it in. So the next time you find yourself heading toward Summerhill/Rosedale, we suggest you stop in and try drinking the juice for yourself – just don’t blame us if you can’t stop.  

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