Lifetime Releases the Extended Trailer for Will Ferrell and Kristin Wiig’s New TV Movie

Now this is a TV movie you’ll definitely want to see.

I mean, it involves both Will Ferrell and Kristen Wiig playing it straight, some serious eye candy (thanks to 90210 babe Jessica Lowndes), and likely a few jump-in-your-seat moments.

A Deadly Adoption is written by former SNL writer Adam Steele – but we can expect more dark humour than serious LOL moments. Directed by Lifetime vet Rachel Lee Goldenberg, the film – which airs June 20th on Lifetime – is described as a “high-stakes dramatic thriller,” according to a Lifetime press release. In reality, it’s designed to poke fun at Lifetime’s typically melodramatic story lines.

The two comedy legends (and I feel comfortable in calling them that by this point) play a power couple whose world is turned on its head by a seductive woman (Lowndes) who they let into their lives in hopes of adopting her unborn child. As it turns out, however, the woman has her own twisted MO – and that’s to steal the life of Wiig’s character.

Perhaps the scariest part is that it’s inspired by a real-life story.

The movie was first announced in April, but then Farrell released a statement expressing his disappointment that the “planned top secret project” was made public and said they’d “forego the project entirely.”

Apparently, he was just joking (but not really at the time) – A Deadly Adoption premieres Saturday, June 20 at 8pm on Lifetime.