LG Just Unveiled a Crazy 111-Inch DOUBLE-SIDED TV

Just when you thought you had the best TV on the market, LG goes ahead and creates this thing.

Comprised of three 65-inch Ultra HD OLED displays, LG’s latest masterpiece is a two-sided television that is available at an astonishing 111 inches, with a thickness of just 5.3 millimetres. It also comes in a 55-inch version, which, if you’re crazy enough to buy this treasure, probably doesn’t interest you.

The TV was unveiled last week at Berlin’s annual IFA electronics trade show, which is renowned for showcasing some pretty mindblowing technology. Since most TVs rest against an opaque surface, it’s hard to imagine how useful the TV will be for residential use. Then again, there was a time we were foolish enough to think that we didn’t need a two-sided fireplace or even a wrap-around porch.

And if you’re the type of person who needs this in their life, it’s likely that any obvious impracticalities are of minimal concern – you can simply build around it. For instance, it’s probably time to build a circular couch for your living room.

It’s still unclear when or if the device hit the market; at the moment it seems more of a “hey, look what we can do!” move than a sellable product.

But here’s to hoping…and watching from all angles.