Left Field Brewery to Open in Leslieville

Leslieville is about to get a whole lot hoppier. Left Field Brewery announced today that it’s going to break ground on a 6,000-square foot, 20-hectolitre brewery, tasting room, and retail store within the next year. The city’s newest microbrewery will be located just south of the Danforth at Greenwood, giving the East End some legit brew to call its own.

Already available in several bars and restaurants throughout the city, including 416 Snack Bar and The Dakota Tavern, among others, the new space will allow Left Field to start offering their beer to people who’d rather pick up a six-pack or a couple of tall cans and see where the night takes them. Left Field’s beers are (big surprise) baseball-inspired brews, so it makes sense that their, um, ‘starting line up’ will feature labels like their Eephus Oatmeal Brown Ale, Maris* Pale Ale, and the 6-4-3 Double IPA. Refillable 750mL bottles of one-off and seasonal brews like Resin Bag IPA will also be available.

Owners Mark and Mandie Murphy are inviting all beer lovers and neighbours to an Open House in the brewery’s future home at 36 Wagstaff Drive on Saturday, February 22nd from 2 to 8pm to sample some beer, meet and mingle, and see the space before construction begins in March. Baseball puns of all kinds will also be in attendance. We’ve started tossing ours around already. 

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