Learn How to Live a Fulfilling Life with ‘To Vogue or Bust’ Blogger Alexandra Grant

We at Notable.ca believe in living a healthy, fulfilling lifestyle – in professional, social and charitable circles.

And while our lives are always busy, that’s never an excuse to forgo healthy habits in our daily routines.

So this summer, we will be offering a series of exclusive workshops that will cover everything from health and wellness to nutrition and spirituality. And all with the best well-being experts in the industry.

We kicked off the series last week with Notable.ca Founder and CEO Julian Brass at an amazing one-hour yoga session at 889 Yoga in Toronto.

And now we’re taking an enlightening hike (yes, literally) through Vancouver’s Lynn Valley with To Vogue or Bust lifestyle blogger Alexandra Grant, who will teach you how to live your most notable life on Saturday, June 4th from 11am-noon.

Spots are limited, so apply below for a chance to attend.

Alexandra created To Vogue or Bust to offer a space for the modern millennial woman to seek aspirational yet accessible inspiration to live their life to the fullest – a mission she’ll take offline on June 4th’s social stroll that will cover everything from achieving a health and wellness state of mind to practicing self-love and even how to snap the perfect Instagram….


1. What first triggered your decision to lead a healthy lifestyle?

I grew up very athletic, always playing sports and moving. However, when I was in my early 20s I started experiencing a whole slew of digestive issues I had never dealt with before. I realized I couldn’t just continue to live life eating whatever I wanted and balancing my eat-anything attitude by working out so much – my body was literally rejecting certain foods and that’s what triggered a brand new love for eating well, focusing on whole foods and clean meals.

2. Do you have a morning ritual? Can you lead us through it?

Absolutely! I start my mornings with either hot water and lemon juice or a glass of Pure Leaf Unsweetened, real brewed iced tea. I then do my stretches and roll out my back with a tennis ball and foam roller. I then have my breakfast and almond milk Americano misto (usually I alternate between overnight oats or poached eggs on quinoa hash).

After breakfast, I meditate for about 15 minutes and then take a few minutes to jot down what I ate the day before, what I did for exercise, any areas that are sore or tight (especially important when you’re recovering from an injury – I also recently experienced a fairly severe one).

I then spend a couple of minutes to write in my journal, noting what went through my mind during meditation, where I’m at, etc. Last but not least, I go over my to-do list for the day and then I usually head off to my workout.

3. What do you believe to be the key(s) to happiness?

Gratitude and love.


4. How do you find time to stay healthy when you lead such a busy life?

I schedule everything in my iCalendar. Whether that’s batch cooking or my workouts, organization is key. I also always keep in mind that taking the time to be healthy (whether that’s getting eight hours sleep, meditating, squeezing in my workout, etc.) will lead to more productivity. So unless I have a really early morning commitment, I always try to keep my mornings reserved for health.

5. What’s the number one thing everyone should be doing to get ready for summer?

To practice self-love, however that looks for you. You have to accept where you are currently to make consistent progress; rather than bashing yourself for feeling like you don’t have this elusive “beach body,” accept where you’re at and celebrate it.

If you do want to tighten up your routine, really make sure you schedule in your workouts and have healthy alternatives to the summer favourites you crave. If you love a good BBQ, try swapping in lettuce cups for your burger buns, have some fresh fruit rather than an ice cream cone, and opt for a healthy drink (I’m obsessed with Pure Leaf’s Unsweetened iced teas – they have 0 calories, 0 sugars and no artificial sweeteners!) rather than a sugar-laden cocktail.

6.Who is your biggest beauty icon?

Charlotte Casiraghi – beautiful, polished, but super natural!

7. What’s one wardrobe staple every woman should own?

A killer moto leather jacket. Whether you toss it over your workout gear or wear it with your favourite #OOTD, it will elevate any and every look.