Le Labo Vintage Candles Collection

Le Labo has been heralded the world over for its unique scents and golden olfactory knowledge. While Le Labo Fragrances products have been available in Canada for only a short while, they’ve amassed a cult following among young professionals for the complex simplicity of their fragrances and stylish presentation. The same goes for their unique collection of vintage candles which are at once beautifully classic yet modern. Le Labo candles were also named as the season’s best guy-appropriate candles by Details magazine. Candles aren’t just accompaniment for the bath anymore; they’re a household accessory both masculine and feminine.

The Scents

Calone 17 Scents of geranium and amber mingle with marine notes that instantly evoke visions of a cottage by the sea.

Figue 15 While figue has become a staple in many candle-makers’ collections, Le Labo’s version is a unique blend with blackcurrent that smells good enough to eat.

Petit Grain 21 Luscious green undertones enhance a rich and elegant orange blossom fragrance that turns your living room into an airy yet slightly bitter orange tree garden.

Pin 12 Musky and nutty, Pin 12 is sheer subtlety personified. Aromatic pine woods cut with musks and a slight touch of amber.

Santal 26 Helmed as Le Labo’s “aristocratic scent,” Santal 26 is gentle, smokey, and leathery. Perfect if you’re looking to give your space true personality by scent.

Le Labo’s vintage candle collection is available online via the North American e-store.