Le Kitchen Gives Vegan a Mouthwatering Modern Makeover

From Brad Pitt, to Russell Brand, to Ellen DeGeneres, celebrities are singing the benefits of becoming vegan. Documentaries supporting the cause are coming out by the dozens and books that advocate plant-based eating are bestsellers. But while celebs can comfortably go green with L.A.’s vast choice of vegan-friendly venues, giving up meat in Montreal isn’t so simple. We seem to have mastered the art of layering bacon on foie gras, but when it comes to veggie options, we are still, if I may, just budding.

Perhaps the greatest challenge of all is finding a healthy meal after a workout – a hearty salad or a wrap on-track with your training, but still satisfying. This gap in the Montreal food scene is precisely what founder of Studio Breathe, Alexandra Schwartz, aimed to fill in opening Le Kitchen. Vegan, gluten-free, and mostly raw, this restaurant is any gym-goer’s dream-come-true.

Long gone are the days of rice cakes and tasteless tofu. Le Kitchen’s menu exhibits cutting-edge creativity, crammed with a variety of smoothies, soups, and salads. The best part? It’s accessible right from the studio. Order a salad before your hot yoga class and have your dish ready to devour as soon as you’re out. Not in the mood to stick around? Simply order it to-go!

The vivacious chef du cuisine is Kristi de Bonville, whose enthusiasm is as lively as her ingredients. One of her indulgences is the Woodstock salad, a gigantic medley of a “kazillion veggies” dressed in a delectable spicy tahini. Another must-try is the Glow Bowl, boasting zucchini noodles, sprout seeds, and a creamy sesame sauce. 

For those lacking a profound passion for veggies, Le Kitchen will not disappoint. Opt for the savoury sweet potato and black bean Vege Burger, one of the retaurant’s most popular dishes. An equally tasty option (especially enjoyed by the guys) is the Aztec salad; tempeh on a bed of quinoa, bathed in a homemade barbecue sauce and topped with spiced pumpkin seeds. And of course, there’s the sure-to-satisfy Taco Thursdays. Need I say more? 

Le Kitchen’s rustic décor and relaxed vibe make it the ideal spot for a laid-back lunch or a casual dinner. With a gaudery of gluten-free baked goods, a glorious gift shop, and a fresh-pressed juice menu coming in May, Le Kitchen has made Studio Breathe your one-stop-shop to strengthen, sustain and satisfy.

Visit them at: 2621 Notre Dame O.
Phone: 514.544.1717