Le Cheese Food Truck: Comfort Food On Wheels

The very highly anticipated Le Cheese Food Truck rolled up Friday, June 14th, at its first stop ever, Lili and Oli Cafe, everyone’s favorite neighbourhood coffee makers on Notre Dame West. The three minds behind this “cheesy” project are Pascal Salzman, Keetan Patel and Jared Dunawa, who founded Le Cheese to help elevate Montreal’s cheese palate. The famous Ye Olde Orchard Pub is also a strategic partner. 


Le Cheese Truck serves up a menu that highlights the best cheeses from the Quebec region in a collection of delicious modern twists on old comfort food classics. The concept is quickly generating an excited community of cheese loving epicureans, connected to each other through social media and the various pop-up events/ gatherings Le Cheese Truck will be putting on over the summer and fall across Montreal. 

“We live in one of the greatest cheese regions in the world; whether it’s a beautiful soft cheese from out east, or a goat cheese from the south, Quebec has some exceptional cheeses. We make it our duty to highlight them

throughout our menu with some new twists on the classics,” explains Salzman. “It’s a menu a 10-year-old boy would design, but elevated a little bit with really good local Quebec cheeses, and locally baked bread.” 

In May, a month ahead of launching, Le Cheese cleverly kicked off a crowd sourced funding initiative through indiegogo.com, letting people pre-buy food and drinks. The campaign was followed up with social media content and a series contests. Through the experiences and events, Le Cheese wants to belong as much to the community as it does to the team behind the project.

The event was a huge success in the end. Le Cheese didn’t have time to get the truck wrapped in its design for the event, so they had everyone grab a sharpie and leave their mark…interactivity at its best! Old Time Honey, an incredible folk band, set the tone for the evening and kept everyone dancing until the wee hours. Cocktails were made with the truck’s homemade lemonade ginger beer and a touch of bourbon with funky straws to top it all off. 

Be on the lookout for the wonderful cheesy smell on a street near you.