LAZYPANTS™ are everywhere right now, from the coveted window at Kitson in L.A. to in the weekend bag of countless young professionals (YPs) this summer for cottage and camping trips. In case you still haven’t heard of them, LAZYPANTS™ are not your typical sweatpants. With unmatched comfort and quality, stamped with the brand’s youthful three-bird logo, these “hibernation season” staples been have been worn by celebrities like Cody Simpson, Connor Maynard, Emmanuelle Chriqui, Ivanka Trump, Down With Webster and many others. We have said it before; the mood-altering sweats are literally the most comfortable things we own.


The anticipated new FW13 line made its debut on Wednesday night at the beloved Bloke & 4th in Toronto. FW13 marks the third collection from LAZYPANTS™ since its official launch just one year ago and since the Three Thread Original LAZYPANTS™ exploded to became a wardrobe staple for fans of comfy luxury across North America.

Like any rapidly growing brand, LAZYPANTS™ continues to expand with each collection by introducing new styles, washes, colours and fabrics. There are now more colours available, from royal blue, fuchsia and charcoal to navy, black and forest green. Returning to the Core Collection is the Original French Fleece in grey and black.


The Skinny French Fleece is also back by popular demand but this time new hardware has been added with zippers on the pockets. French Fleece Hoodies are available in green, red and purple. Building on the initial success of the brands basics, the Three Thread Original has gone acid wash with charcoal, royal blue and purple. Other new prints include Camouflage, American Flag and stone wash grey, purple, red, turquoise and blue.  We told you they weren’t your typical sweats.

It is the mission of LAZYPANTS™ President and Creative Director Adam Bledin to make comfort fashionable. “I believe we are changing the way people wear sweatpants because we are using different cuts and colours to washes and prints,” said Bledin. “At the end of the day it is about having the luxury of being comfortable in what you are wearing and also feeling confident that you look good.”


Also for FW13 are stone wash sets, and LAZYPANTS™ offers pink, red, purple and green. Rounding out the new washes is tie-dye with both Hoodie and Skinny in turquoise, purple, green, pink, black and white.  As for fabrics, LAZYPANTS™ has created French Fleece Herringbone, which can be worn in the Skinny, Three Thread Original, Hoodie and even the Lazy Blanket.

Be warned: once you own a pair of these pants, you may never want to take them off…or leave your couch. Bledin wants the LAZYPANTS™ lifestyle to represent more than the act of being lazy, however. “People have so much on their plate every day, so it was very important for me to create a product they could enjoy whatever they are doing. As I have come to learn people do ‘lazy’ in very different ways.”

We have to admit, the candy, cake flavoured alcohol and snuggly, comfy, colourful assortment of sweats at the event almost made us want to blow off our plans for the night and get home to our own LAZYPANTS™.

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