Layla Welch: Young Professional Style Profile

Layla Welch is one of the few fashionable young women whose quintessential lady-like style is attractive to both men and women. She doesn’t follow the man repellant trend that most hipsters and trendsetters are pursuing these days. Instead, she uses delicate materials to softly accentuate her female form. With a little bit of silk, satin, lace, patent leather heels and slightly décolleté tops, she exudes a contemporary femme fatale flare that is irresistible and empowering.

Layla and her sisters, Sarah and Jessica, are no strangers to style. The Three Hearts are launching a riveting new collection for women, which will feature the most beautiful close-fitting and flowy cocktail dresses using a custom-made and very exclusive stretch silk. Stay tuned, word is the line will be launched at some point in September and will be available in stores in this coming spring!

Job: Store Owner/Clothing Designer

Currently wearing: Smythe blazer, J Brand jeans, Tom Ford tank, Jimmy Choo heels, Bottega Veneta bag, and Tiffany & Co. glasses.

Favourite labels: Right now, I really like Max Mara, Joseph, Bottega Veneta, Rebecca Taylor, a.l.c.

Fashion and beauty pet peeves: Over or under-plucked eyebrows, otherwise I’m pretty open.

What’s in her closet? You’ll find a lot of neutral colours, beiges, tans, whites and blacks. I find them easy to mix and match and they transition perfectly from season to season. I also adore coats and cashmere, so lots of those. I have to admit, I love to recycle clothes from years ago. I usually get a tailor to bring pieces back to life that I never thought I would wear again!

Cities that influence her style? When I was little, I used to go to Amsterdam a lot and I remember thinking how cool and vibrant the girls looked; I still love to shop there. I am also amazed at how well Japanese women dress. They look like real life dolls and their style seems so impeccable yet so effortless.