Laurel Edwards: Young Professional Profile

Laurel Edwards is the Managing Director at Colliers International Valuation & Advisory Services, a position that allows her to provide great opportunities for young people interested in commercial real estate and finance. What career tips does she have for other young professionals? Read on to find out…

Where do you work: Colliers International Valuation & Advisory Services 

What do you do: Managing Director

Homegrown in Calgary or Transplant? Calgary.

One thing we might not know about your profession: It is not a well-known profession, but I think it provides great opportunity for young people interested in commercial real estate and finance. It provides a wealth of opportunity, flexibility, and challenge. We work with fantastic clients, and are able to accelerate their success on a daily basis. It is a great job. 

Best career tip for other YPs: It is tough to not be cliché in this, but I believe strongly in being intentional in your decisions, and asking for what you want. There is no one sitting around waiting to give you a job, or an opportunity. But there is likely a wealth of people who would be happy to help you in the right direction. 

Most common mistake you see other YPs make: Not getting out there and meeting new people; and waiting for opportunities to be presented rather than pursing them. 

How do you find a happy balance between striving for success and being happy with where you are? I focus on what I am doing at that time, and I find ways to integrate work and pleasure into all parts of my life. Many of my great friends started out as clients or co-workers. Work is infinitely more enjoyable when you genuinely enjoy spending time with the people you see and work with on a daily basis. 

Favourite restaurant in the city: Mercato