Last Month to Catch Star Wars Identities in Montreal

Montreal, I am your father! Okay maybe not, but who hasn’t heard that famous line at least once in their life? It takes us back to our childhood, our youth, when movies meant to make an impact and last in your memory for an entire lifetime. Star Wars was that for most of us. The storyline was catchy; we developed loyalty to the characters and couldn’t wait until the next part gets released.

For all you dedicated fans comes Star Wars Identities, a unique travelling exhibition that looks at the unforgettable characters of Star Wars to research what makes us different from each other. The exhibition features a wide and vivid collection of Star Wars models, costumes, props and artwork. Some of the more notable sights include Princess Leia’s slave outfit when she was Jabba the Hutt’s captive, Darth Vader’s haunting costume and Han Solo’s carbonite prison. Aside all the glitzy eye feast, there is a fun level of interactivity, featuring an Identity Quest that invites you to create your own unique and fully personalized Star Wars hero. The exhibit showcases more than 200 props, blueprint drawings and costumes from all six Star Wars films. The special part here is that this will be the first time exclusive pieces pulled from the Lucas film archive will be showcased.

But asides from all the glitzy displays and our favourite space oddities, the exhibit aims at a deeper place inside all of us. It wants us to look at our own journey of self-discovery with the help of everything surrounding the exhibit. The ending goal of this was for all attendees to learn about the choices and influences that shaped the Star Wars characters, which in turn might make us want to look inside our own identities. Sounds deep, doesn’t it? But you would be surprised with how relatable Yoda might be to your inner thinker.

The Star Wars exhibition is a joint effort between Lucas film and X3 Productions, which were the companies behind last year’s “Indiana Jones and the Adventure of Archaeology” exhibit. It took a total of around 350 staff just to build up, organize and create this magnificent display in Montreal and it has been gaining extreme mass appeal and praise ever since it set up shop in Old Montreal. It runs until September 16th, so there is still some time left before its spaceship takes off to Europe, Latin America and Asia.

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