Last Minute Getaways near Toronto

It’s January. The new year has started, and you didn’t get out of the city over the holidays. Most young professionals didn’t. Now, you’re regretting that decision but have too many work-related commitments to get an extended 7 day vacation in. If you don’t have enough time off to head out for a full week vacay and only have a few days, there’s no need to settle for it. So to help your last-minute-selves out, we have found three places to go in three days or less, all which still have availability for a last minute booking.

A Muskokan New Year: Deerhurst Resort. Deerhurst is in the heart of Muskoka and offers a complete itinerary in the new year. Whether you want to partake in some winter activities or have a delicious dinner cooked for you as you put your usually-hard working feet up by the fireplace, this resort has you and your needs covered. 

A Perfect Day for a Chalet: If you take a short drive just west of the city to Collingwood, we have scouted the perfect chalets for you to rent out for the weekend. With a variety of different options, you and yours truly can pick up groceries en route and spend the weekend in, cooking together, relaxing, and basking in the comfort of knowing you have nowhere to be and nothing to do (aside from occasional trips out of the chalet to hit the slopes, shops and get your egg nog fix alike). Check out Mountain Springs Lodges for more details. 

Venture for this Adventure: If you the aforementioned options are too close to home and you have a soft spot for skiing or snowboarding, why not check out Mont Sainte Anne or Mont Tremblant? Both offer exceptional facilities for you to stay at, and if you’re going to Tremblant you can find quick and cheap flights from Porter (who we can attest they handle your skis with love and care).

Image courtesy Stock.Xchang.