Last Minute Charitable Gifts for Your Animal Loving Valentine

Valentine’s Day is tomorrow.

And if that’s news to you, then you’re likely in need of a great last minute (i.e. clickable) gift for your sweetheart.

Hey, does your Valentine happen to like animals? (If not, you should be re-thinking things, just sayin’.) 

Then no need to panic, because we know how you can still be the adorable hero of V-day. Just check out these thoughtful/easy charitable gifts that really show the love (and only take about 2 minutes to click, buy, send):

You can help World Animal Protection save and vaccinate 25 dogs, or feed 5 donkeys for a week, with these e-cards! 

Help Humane Society International fight the illegal wildlife trade or save rabbits from labs, in honour of your hunny bunny!

Tell your lover you’re wild about them, with any of these gorgeous World Wildlife Fund e-cards.

Or, you can always make an online donation to your Valentine’s fave local rescue group or shelter in their name. Don’t worry, most have Paypal. 


Cover image from: WWF

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