Ladies and Gentlemen: Your 2015 Queen’s Plate Style Guide is Here

This weekend, on Sunday, July 5th, we’re inviting you to the races.

And the only thing more important than celebrating the prestigious Queen’s Plate with a fabulous Champagne breakfast, is doing so in style.

So whether you’re a race regular or it’s your first time at the track, we’ve made a five-point checklist to have you lavish ladies and gaudy gentlemen look your sartorial Sunday best.

On your marks. Get set. Dress.



Fancy Fascinator
We can’t give specific advice here because every lady’s fascinator should be as unique and vibrant as their individual personality. But generally, the more creative your ribbon-adorned, flowery, feathery headpiece, the better.

A Bold Summer Dress
It’s all about bright colours and fun textures, so don’t be afraid to try something bold. Just keep in mind that your dress should match with the real stars of your ensemble – the accessories. Florals are always a good idea.


A Timeless Necklace
We suggest opting for a string or three of pearls as a classy, timeless choice of neck candy since bold accents will dominate the rest of your outfit.


A Lavish Bag
Picture the kind of handbag the Queen might keep her accessories in on her way to high tea. That’s what you’re going for here.


Chic Heels
Top your look off with a pair of monochrome or nude heels that don’t take too much attention away from the artistic expression that is everything north of your feet.



A Colourful Jacket
Sure, black and grey jackets are timelessly dapper… but you already wear those to the office. Opt for an eye-catching piece to match the occasion; something Gatsby would wear when he’s hosting a party.


A Bodacious Bow-Tie
Again, save our ties for the office. It’s not that a classy tie wouldn’t be a great fit for the Queen’s Plate, but this is your chance to have some fun – and nothing says ‘fun’ like a playful collar comrade.


Light Pants
Remember what we said about taking inspiration from Gatsby? That’s especially true for your pants, which should be light, or pastel in tone.


A Classy Hat
Not all men can pull off a hat, but if you’re the type of gentleman who can, capping your outfit with a tasteful top is an absolute must.


An Eye-Catching Pocket Square
There’s no excuse for putting all this effort into an exceptional outfit and not blessing it with a fashionable pocket square. Go for gaudy, but remember to match it with everything else that’s going on in your get-up or out-of-this-world will look over-the-top instead.


For even more style tips check out what the Queen’s Plate has to say:

To get in on the early feast, you’re going to need buy a ticket to the race (these ponies don’t come for free), and use it to sign up for the Champagne breakfast (yes, these bubbles do come for free) using the form below.

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