La Vizziata: Gelato in The Junction

In a week that has us asking what the best ice cream in Toronto is, we wonder if answer isn’t gelato.

Yes, they’re different. In fact, very different.

But a Friday afternoon stop in The Junction made us start to wonder if we shouldn’t have been expanding our selection of cool treats all summer long.

La Vizziata (2986 Dundas W.) is a cute little gelateria and dessert bar with a few dozen rotating flavours that include the likes of peanut butter & jelly, rainbow cupcake, salted caramel, and animal cracker. 

This is the kind of place for everyone. Even if banana caramel isn’t your thing (you should be slightly ashamed that it isn’t, though), you’ll find plenty of vegan and gluten-free options that include flavours like frutti di bosco (forest berries; blueberry, raspberry, and blackberry) and Mexican Mango. 

There are also a few sugar-free and dairy-free options for anyone who enjoys their summer treat without the spike in glucose or cream.  

La Vizziata also takes its sandwich options to the next, rather literal, level. Order one, and you’ll receive your favourite gelato flavours stuffed between a fresh brioche bun. 

How could this possibly be a bad decision?

Another original offering is their caffé ‘shakerato’. Essentially, it’s espresso poured into a martini shaker with ice and given the shake of a lifetime. The result is a cool drink with its own natural layer of foam. 

So the next time you’re in The Junction and looking for a little escape, we suggest stopping by La Vizziata. 

After all, its name means “the spoiled one,” and don’t we all deserve to be just that every once in a while…


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