La Mauvaise Reputation: Cheat Eating With a Clear Conscience

The sun seems to finally be showing its long hidden self and we all know what that means…patio time! We recently stopped by for a tasting and patio hangout at Saint-Denis’ fast foodateria, Mauvais Reputation

Before we get into the menu, here’s a little background: Principal and Founding Partner Simon Carrier noticed a restaurant named La Mala Reputacion on a brief trip to Barcelona, and from there La Mauvais Reputation was born “on the sunny side of the street” with its bustling terrace.

Let’s talk décor. Outdoors, the contemporary style terrace is full of “diet cheaters” looking slick and enjoying the Saint-Denis atmosphere and the yummy food that for a second strikes a spark of guilt, which then quickly fades away after the taste takes over and brings on a mega smile.

The chic colour combinations of “bad boy” black, red and luminous white contrasts well, perfectly pairing with the natural colours of stones set against stark white bricks. The vibe is very unpretentious and cool, where the table arrangements feature communal tables and banquettes stretched along one wall, allowing even strangers to spark up a convo and share a drink. Across the room, a long bar compliments the other side while wooden tables for two or four fill the centre of the room.  

Now what we all came to try, test and judge – the grub! Two words came to mind when we started tasting: fresh and happy. Think succulent fries, 100% juicy beef burgers, well-dressed poutines, fresh garden salads, delish homemade mayonnaise, fresh cod for delish fish ‘n chips and accras – one of our favorite dishes.

We can’t forget the decadent desserts; you can’t see them on the menu but, trust us, they’re amazing. Ask for the specials and the milkshakes are a total must!

This is the place to leave your diet far, far behind and treat yourself to a well-deserved baggy pants day – you might just need them after this feast of simple yet uber-comforting cuisine. Don’t worry, the main entrance from the street includes a slimming fun-house mirror. Enjoy!