KYOZON Has Finally Opened Its Doors in Montreal And It’s a Stunner

Sit. Take. Eat. Pay.

This is the philosophy behind the newly opened Kyozon Asian-Bar and Kitchen in downtown Montreal.

This hotspot finally had its long-awaited and buzzed about grand opening last week and as you can see from the pictures, the event was quite the success. As expected.

Situated in a historic landmark building, KYOZON is a young, vibrant, and affordable destination that blends a great bar with tasty ‘New-Asian’ cuisine and a mezzanine Kaiten belt.

The various areas and different styles of dining create a vibrant social space with many options to drink, party, lounge, tweet, and more. And we all know how important your surroundings are when it comes to social media inspiration right? Right.

Circulating throughout the mezzanine, their famous Kaiten belt (think: conveyor) is the vehicle for fresh dishes served on color-coded plates ranging from $2 to $7.

Here’s some Kaiten belt 411 to prepare you for your visit:

1. Grab a seat at their awesome Kaiten belt circling the mezzanine opening for viewing pleasure. No need to wait for service, just get comfortable or flick the toggle switch if you need something or have any questions.

2. Take what you like off the belt from their chef’s daily fresh specials. New dishes come around constantly and the plates are priced by color.

3. Flick the toggle switch for drinks and hot small plate selections of ‘New-Asian’ deliciousness.

4. Just stack your plates as you finish. Their Kaiten staff will clear and count as you go. It’s kind of like going for Dim Sum.

Their generous 8,500 sq. ft. setting plays host to over 250 guests and is designed to please whatever vibe you might be in the mood for.

KYOZON’s kitchen creates ‘New-Asian’ tapas, street food, and sushi that spotlight local and Asian-grown ingredients. The bar will offer a variety of Asian-inspired cocktails and drinks: Japanese whiskies, Asian beers, and a selection of imported sakes.

“The inexpensive, vibrant, and casual Kaiten way of eating is ingrained in the Japanese culture. Aside from healthy and delicious food, it’s also the socially engaging dimension that’s so compelling, and what draws in millions of people across the world, “says KYOZON co-owner Brian Bendix, who lived and operated restaurants and bars in Tokyo in the 90s when the idea of KYOZON was first conceived.

The day-to-night bar and kitchen is situated at 1458 Crescent Street, between de Maisonneuve and Sainte-Catherine, and is open seven days a week.  


All images by: Georges Alexandar, Hashtag Media


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