Kraft Changed the Ingredients in KD Months Ago and Nobody Noticed

Kraft completed the largest blind taste test in history over the past few months after removing all artificial ingredients from their signature KD in the United States and not telling anyone about it.

So for all those people outraged by a petition last year that called for the company to remove potentially harmful dyes from its range of noodles with powdered cheese, scale back the inflated discernment you’ve bestowed upon your palate.

Indeed, Kraft Dinner is the same delicacy with paprika, turmeric and annatto as it is with dyes Yellow 5 and Yellow 6, which is responsible for giving KD its superfluous Donald Trump glow.

According to Kraft Heinz VP of Meals Greg Guidotti, the company chose the stealth marketing route to fight consumer perceptions that the change would harm taste. He obviously knows our ability to critically evaluate mac n’ plastic better than we do.

A line on Kraft’s website cleverly reads, “We would invite you to try it but you already have.”

KD Original sold in Canada is currently free of artificial flavours and preservatives, though its sunshine hue is still the result of synthetic saturation. Something that may or not be changed soon, but we probably won’t know when it happens…