Kit and Ace Brings the Wall Dot Com to Life In Vancouver


As young entrepreneurs and professionals with full contact schedules, it’s the one luxury we can’t seem to get enough of. 

Sorry, 9 to 5? More like 6 to 10. 

We’re a part of what Kit and Ace is calling the creative class

“A group of knowledge-based innovators who are the problem-solvers, problem-seekers, initiators, and starters of the world.” 

Every two months the lifestyle apparel brand has taken a dedicated approach at highlighting local emerging artists to give them an international platform in studios and online dubbed “The Wall Dot Com” every two months. Artists in the Vancouver location have included Andy Dixon, Ed Spence and Randy Grskovic
To give back to the creative class Kit and Ace will be hosting a unique underground art show Friday March 27th. 

The pop-up show that will be in the basement of 157 Water Street will highlight three local female artists curated by Noah Morse of NoRemorse Gallery and provide an opportunity for creatives in Vancouver to connect. 

And if you don’t have the time — take a tip from our mantra: Make It. 


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