Kickstart Your Holiday Gathering with Playlist Potluck from Sonos and Spotify

I’m all about dinner parties.

I love bringing great friends, both old and new, together. My network is so diverse – ranging from business people to yogis, artists to science types – that you really never know what can happen when they all come together.

People typically leave my place having had a great time which means that something was done right and that’s key – always leave your guests with a positive taste in their mouth, literally. For instance, the dinner party I had the other night was the most epic I’ve ever hosted in my own home thanks to Sonos.


Why? Well, let’s start with the music. Music is crucial when entertaining. According to a recent study by Sonos, almost nine in ten people say there has to be some music playing at a party. After good friends and good conversation, music is the most essential ingredient. In fact, two-thirds of those surveyed felt that good music can actually make the food and drinks taste better.

So naturally, I was thrilled when Sonos invited me to host a dinner party complete with their top-of-the-line speakers for some of my friends and industry colleagues to help launch their new feature, Playlist Potluck.

Playlist Potluck allows you and your friends to build a playlist together ahead of your party. And to celebrate its release, Sonos is giving people the chance to win a dream dinner for ten in their home catered by a world-class chef – an opportunity I highly suggest you get in on.

But anyway, back to the party.

Having such an eclectic group of people over meant that the playlist we built had some pretty diverse picks. Artists like the Red Hot Chili Peppers, A Tribe Called Quest, America, Notorious BIG, and Xavier Rudd all deservingly dominated their own portion of the night and thanks to my Sonos system, you would have thought you were in the middle of a live concert rather than my living room.

Now on to the food. To do a dinner party right, the company is king and the music is queen but let’s be honest, a good dinner soiree isn’t complete without the food being on point. Thankfully, Sebastian Centner’s Eatertainment took care of that key piece of the culinary puzzle.


To reflect how these parties go down around the world, Sebastian created a five-course meal where each course was inspired by a different country. I was completely blown away. My favourites were the French course, which was a roasted asparagus bisque with lemon, chive oil and potato frites; the Canadian course which was a delicious wood mushroom galette with preserved tomato chutney, mixed greens in maple vinaigrette; and the Swedish course which was a vodka-cured arctic char with crème fraiche, salmon caviar and blue potatoes with radish and rye crumble.

Not to be outdone, the Sonos speakers provided the perfect backdrop to this incredible meal – my house has never sounded so good.

But you don’t have to take my word for it. To help you host your own next-level dinner party, we’re giving away three Sonos Play:1 speakers right here on Notable. Just enter your info below for a chance to take them home.

You can thank us later.

– Julian Brass, founder, Notable
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*The contest will close on December 31, 2016. The winner will be contacted by email. This contest is open to Canadian residents only.