KayTran Launches Stylish Shades for SS 2012

KayTran’s women’s sunglasses hit the market last month with their unique and stylishly-designed glasses that are like no other. We had heard about the KayTran collection from fellow young professionals and saw them on eTalk’s Tanya Kim, so we were excited to check out the KayTran Eyewear Summer 2012 launch at Pink Eye Optical in Toronto to touch, feel and try on these babies for ourselves.  

Simple, sophisticated and based on iconic styles, these glasses are sure to become staples of style-conscious YPs this upcoming season. Though we practically live in our Ray Ban aviators all summer, we are constantly frustrated by the obnoxious red marks they leave on each side of our nose that can last for a good 15 minutes upon removal of the glasses. So, when we heard about the “KayTran Fit,” we were sure these works of art were a godsend for us and our unusually small sunglass-loathing nose. 


In fact, KayTran sunglasses go where no eyewear has gone before in terms of fit. As many fashion-conscious YP females are aware, most sunglasses on the market are made with a generic, cookiecutter fit, making them less-than-enjoyable at times for those with petit nose bridges or high cheekbones. Common sunglass problems include slipping down the nose, rubbing and resting on cheekbones, and leaving embarrassing indents and red marks on the face.

KayTran suggests giving your eyes a little L.B.T:

The Lens Curve Reduction: The reduced lens and frame curvature prevent the edges of the frame from rubbing and resting on your cheekbones. Not only will this eliminate sliding in the summer, your makeup won’t end up on the lenses. 

Bridge Adjustments: A narrowed bridge and elevated nose pads allow the frame to sit comfortably on your nose without the slipping and sliding, perfect for those hot, sticky summer days. 

Temple Angles Widened: Widened temple angles open the space between the frame and your face, preventing annoying and ugly marks and indentations from forming. 


Designed in Canada and handcrafted in Italy, KayTran glasses are created with quality and luxurious materials, including high-grade Italian acetate and premium Carl Zeiss CR39 lenses, which are scratch resistant, durable, and provide high optical clarity. 

Our favourites included the “Allison,” which comes in Golden Maple, Polished Black and Rustic Red; and the “Celine,” which comes in Rose Gold/Plum Tortoise or a Rose Gold/ Polished Black.  

All glasses currently retail in New York and Toronto but all are available to order online and ship within 5-10 business days. Glasses retail for $295-$310.


KayTran Eyewear is the brainchild of fellow young professional and Toronto native, Kathy Tran. Prior to founding KayTran Eyewear, she worked in corporate finance. Like many YPs, Tran enjoyed the stability offered from her former job but always had entrepreneurial aspirations to harness her creative, artistic side. KayTran Eyewear launched in January 2012.