Justin Trudeau Will Be the First Prime Minister to Attend Toronto’s Pride Parade

Toronto keeps getting better, leaving no realm untouched in its quest to become an increasingly influential global player.

Most recently, we’ve gone from a mayor who refused to attend Toronto’s Pride Parade to a Prime Minister who will happily march in it – and will become the first PM in history to do so.

As you may recall, former mayor Rob Ford would not only ditch the parade in favour of a cottage weekend, he also wanted the gay pride flag taken down from outside City Hall.

Trudeau, thankfully has a more progressive attitude (“because it’s 2016″).

On Sunday, July 3, the Vogue model himself will make his way through Toronto’s streets in all of their rainbow-filled glory.

To the point of Toronto’s increasing awesomeness, “Pride Week” is now the city’s first-ever “Pride Month.” Pride Month launches on June 1, with a theme of belonging and inclusion. In addition to Trudeau, Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne, Toronto Mayor John Tory, and Finance Minister Bill Morneau are also expected to join in the festivities.

When it comes to Pride Parades, Trudeau has experience; in 2015, while not Prime Minister, he (and his family) marched in both the Montreal and Vancouver Pride Parades.