Just Opened: Jack Saloon Resto Bar Rocks DIX30

This past Tuesday, the constantly growing, evolving and hugely popular DIX30 commercial lifestyle center was host to a brand new opening – and this time it wasn’t a luxury retailer but a rockin’ new resto-bar called Jack Saloon.

First off, a little about the food. We think the name offers a hint – and that’s meat! Think delicious platters like pulled pork sandwiches, a yummy filet mignon, ribs for days and – here’s an interesting one – a KrispyKreme burger (a whopping 1550 calories). We haven’t tried it yet but it’s on our list.

Fear not if red meat ain’t your thing. They offer an array of delicious tartars, grilled oysters, their famous mac n cheese and a saloon menu wouldn’t be complete without a good ole poutine.

The ambiance of Jack Saloon is a mix of country and rock, just like the one that opened 2 years ago in Grande-Allée, Quebec City. Expect rocking tunes including live bands, an outgoing crowd and a modern spin on what a western saloon would be like today.

Located next to L’Étoile, DIX30’s concert hall, Jack Saloon is the perfect spot to have a drink and eat before or after a show!

Here’s a notable fact. The design of the new Quartier DIX30 restaurant has been made by Surface Jalouse, a Montreal based agency who works with local designers and recycled materials to reinvent the design of ordinary objects like chairs, tables, walls and more. Pop by their spot on Notre Dame Ouest to spice up your own stuff – they’re masters of what they do.

Jack Saloon is now open daily for usual cowboy business!


All Images By: Francois CinCou