Just Opened: H4C Place St.Henri Combines Architecture and Food

What do you get when you combine two architects and a chef? A delicious and uniquely done restaurant in the foodie-budding neighbourhood of St. Henri.

Opened a few days ago, H4C Place St. Henri is the brainchild of architects Marc-Andre and Chantal Paradis of D3 Architecture and Chef Dany Bolduc, who were brought together through their mutual passion for gastronomy.

What makes this spot extremely special aside from the food is the location; H4C is located inside a historic post office in St. Henri. The owners made it a point and fought hard to preserve the building’s original structural elements, which makes H4C wonderful even if its just for the visual aspect of it.

Now, the food. Chef Dany Bolduc comes from a background of classic trainings not only as a cook but as a pastry chef and combines his years of travel across the world in the kitchen as inspiration. With such a growing movement toward organic and local foods recently, it’s wonderful to see that H4C is priding its menu on seasonal offerings, always guaranteeing freshness, quality and authenticity.

H4C is centred around the “a la carte formula,” offering foodies the option to either have a few appies or try the full menu. Let’s not forget the wonderful wine menu chosen oh-so-brilliantly by sommelier Francis Arkinson! Don’t worry non-winos, their local beer and cocktail list is stellar too.

A few star dishes to note include their octopus, artichoke, fennel and gnocchi plate, mackerel, oysters, samphire, radish, cucumber and watercress, and, for dessert, the strawberry, white chocolate and yogurt tarragon. We can honestly say everything else on the menu is just as delicious.

What else can make this place even cooler? How about a terrace? Enjoy the summer heat while its still here on their chic and cozy space. Dinner is served Tuesday to Saturday from 5pm to 11pm, and Sunday brunch will be offered from 10am to 3pm.

Images courtesy of: Republik.ca