Why You Need To Remove Justification From Your Life

Just imagine for a moment living a life that is free from excuses, free from “playing victim”, and free from justification for the things you do or don’t do. That requires removing justification from your life.

To remove justification, let’s get started by breaking down the word, “Justify”.

Dissect the word “Justify” and read between the letters – you’ll see that this word combines a few key parts: “Just-ify”, “Just-if-y”, or “Just-If-I”.

Mind-opening, right? Possibly even a life-changing realization. It was for me.

The word “Justify” is literally composed of the exact same thought that someone who makes excuses, or is justifying, often thinks or says: “Just if I … had more time, then …”, “Just if I … had more money, then …”, “Just if I … had more love, then …”, “Just if I … was born into a different body, then …”, “Just if I … had a bit more smarts, then …”.

I call this “Just if I’ing”. To learn how to remove it from your life let’s look at a few key areas of life that most of us have likely ”Just if I’d” about: our health and starting a business.


Justification 1 – Your Health

How many times have you thought to yourself, “it’s time I got healthier.”, “I wish I had more energy.”, “I need to lose a few pounds.”. When it comes to our health most of us have thought about one or all of these things.

To get in better shape, lose weight, and live a healthier lifestyle so many people just wait until they hit rock bottom, feel almost perfect (for example, someone with a sore leg can still work on their upper body and abs), have more time, can afford a trainer, etc. The reality is that they’re playing the “Just if I” game. They’re saying to themselves, “Just if I felt a bit better overall, I’d exercise”. “Just if I had more time, I’d eat healthier”. “Just if I could afford a trainer, I’d finally get on a fitness plan”.

Theses are justification thoughts and victim-like responses. Think about it:

Our health, like it or not, depletes as we age. We’ll always be busy (hopefully, cause if we’re not it means we’re not being productive), so there’s never really “more time” it’s about making time. Trainers and Nutritionists are expensive, but googling nutrition and workout plans is free.


Justification 2 – Starting a Business

So you want to start a business? Starting a business isn’t easy and running a business is even harder.

You really, deeply, truly, want to start it. Yet, you find that it’s just not happening. If you had more time or more money, then you would, right? Are you playing the “Just if I” game?

Now, let’s break down some of the most common excuses people use when it comes to not starting their dream business: time and money

“Just if I had more time, then I’d start my business”. Time doesn’t just appear out of nowhere we have to create time. Yes, there’s generally an inverse relationship with time, meaning if you gain time for something you lose time for something else, but that’s positive and healthy if it’s for something that you really want.

Most people feel they have to quit their job so that they have more time to start their awesome new business, but they don’t need to quit and go in 100% … yet.

The question really is, where can you make time? Making time will let you get started with your business without giving up your salary. Once things start moving you can then make an informed decision to quit and focus on your dream business full time.

Look at things you can lessen or cut out all together like giving up a club you’re not really into, dropping a hobby that you don’t want as much as your exciting dream bizz, or lessening your social life. Some of these changes will give you time to start working on your business after your day job – there’s so much time after 5 or 6pm, say 3-4 hours a night that could be as much as 28 hours a week, even more if you include weekends – that’s major.

“Just if I had more money, then I’d start my business”. Depending on the type of business you’re looking to start you may need very little, if not, no money, to actually get to market and start testing the waters. I remember that feeling of wanting to launch but not being sure I could, as I sat at the desk of my last job in Silicon Valley before starting Notable, let me tell you, that feeling is exhausting!

With the tools that are at our fingertips for free (or almost free) like email, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and other social media accounts, the cell phone beside you right now, and your gift of the gab, you can get moving right away on your dream business! Now, once you see that you have something legit, something viable, that’s when you decide what your capital needs are to grow the business and go from there. Just remember there’s always an investor, or 10, for a good idea, there’s always loans, there’s always giving up some equity for great partners, you have the money or the means to money that you need to stop “Just if I’ing” and start executing today.
* For info on starting a business check out these resources: Entrepreneur.com and Gary Vaynerchuk

If you have these thoughts why wouldn’t you start acting on it? Justification is the reason. In one way or another you’re justifying not taking action and the guaranteed result of not taking action is not making a change. Your health dreams and business desires are waiting for you. What are you waiting for?

Remove justification from your life and stop “Just-if-I’ing” now. You got this.