Joseph Gordon Levitt is Set to Star in a Live Action Fraggle Rock Movie

If this isn’t a good piece of news for your Monday, then we don’t know what is: Joseph Gordon-Levitt will produce and star in the live-action Fraggle Rock.

If you have no idea what Fraggle Rock is, then go back to your colouring books and SnapChat convos. 

As for the rest of us, this is pretty huge news. Gorgs huge. 

Of course, Fraggle Rock was that kids’ show by Jim Henson that featured a colourful assortment of crazy musical Muppets – the Fraggles – and ran from 1983-1987. As you may vaguely remember watching over apple juice and peanut butter sandwiches, these amazingly trippy characters lived in a magical world located behind the hole in a man’s wall.

That cave-like world, of course, was Fraggle Rock.

And yeah, you probably wondered what magic could be found beyond your own bedroom walls too.

Just think: before too long, you’ll be able to revisit your furry old buds in all their nostalgic glory on the big screen, followed by NetFlix shortly thereafter.

Apparently the film has been in the works for the past decade, though, Gordon-Levitt’s involvement only just sprung it into action. It is, however, currently without a screenwriter and director. 

Here’s to hoping we can all dance our cares away… 


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