John Tory’s Greatest Achievement is Killing Pokestops at the Toronto Ferry Terminal

Take a bow, Mayor Tory, for this could be your pièce de résistance.

Crowding at Toronto’s ferry terminal has been an issue ever since people realized that, hey, there’s an island over there. This summer has made the area especially claustrophobic as hordes clamour to take in the city’s shiny new waterfront.

Just kidding, it’s because they’re chasing Pokemon.

The Jack Layton Ferry Terminal features a very unnecessary nine Pokestops, which is far more than any other location in the city. Giving screen-gazers nine reasons to take up space and be oblivious to their surroundings is a problem anywhere, let alone an area where hundreds of people are getting on or off a boat.

The city petitioned Pokemon Go’s developer, Niantic, to stop the madness, an action too meek for Tough Tory. Our magisterial mayor followed up with a personal email to Niantic CEO John Hanke, asking him to reduce the number of Pokestops at the terminal.

“I’m really happy with your success with Pokemon Go, I’m really glad all the people are enjoying playing it,” Tory wrote in sweet patronization, before dropping the hammer: “However my job is to balance that against the fact that there is a degree of disruption.”

Hanke replied almost immediately, and cut the number down to four.

Four too many, but a step in the right direction.