John Oliver Aired Commercials on Fox News to Educate Donald Trump on Nuclear Weapons

Season 4 of John Oliver’s ‘Last Week Tonight’ premiered to HBO on Sunday night, and there was never any doubt about who’d steal the show.

The final episode of Season 3 wrapped up on November 13th, 2016, which means Oliver’s had about three months of gold orange to work with.

This past weekend’s episode explored how U.S. President Donald Trump’s penchant for cable news consumption contributes to his unprecedented knack for spreading false information. You know, “alternative facts.”

Sure, some of it is trivial – Trump claims it didn’t rain during his inauguration because God said so – but a lot of his pathological truth-bending is terrifyingly dangerous. Take nukes, for example, which Trump knows next to nothing about.

“They’re nuclear weapons, not your children,” says Oliver about Trump’s inability to name the nuclear triad.

Oliver spends about 20 minutes roasting Trump’s use of sketchy sources and general lack of knowledge about anything before devising a method of alternative education that will hopefully reach the president: cable news commercials.

Oliver ends the segment with a commercial he paid to air on a series of conservative news channels, including Fox News, in which a cowboy provides a basic overview of the nuclear triad between marketing catheters.

“Rightfully, [Trump] does not watch this show,” says Oliver before previewing the commercial, which almost certainly reached Trump during his Monday morning cable news briefing. Check out the fill segment below: