This Cool New Hotel in Paris Will Be a Co-Working/Living Space

Jo&JOE Paris is a co-living and co-working hotel and will cater perfectly to the Millennial ideal of being connected and independent at the same time.

Jo&JOE is hoping to attract a millennial culture with spaces playfully designed for a range of activities, including everything from working to concert going to DIY workshops and yoga classes. Created in collaboration with British design firm Penson, the captivating breed of hotel and bar offers a first look at the new trend of ‘collected living.’


Accommodations at Jo & Joe vary based on scale, and manage to strike the delicate balance between personal space and a more communal setting. The ‘Together’ option is designed with pods (each outfitted with its own bed), private lockers, reading lights and USB ports strategically lining focal areas of the space – the idea here being to encourage mingling, communication and collaboration. In contrast, the ‘Yours’ option is a more enclosed environment, and consists of rooms and apartments for two to five people. Each unit is outfitted with a private bathroom, and some offer a kitchen area as well. All of the venues will also come with an additional ‘OOO!’ (out of the ordinary) option – an eccentric and memorable wildcard experience that can be anything from a yurt, caravan, hammock or so forth, depending on the location. All of these individual rooms will come together in the ‘Happy House,’ which will provide cooking, dining and washing facilities.

Interestingly, because the space attempts to blend the realms of co-working and co-living, the Open Houses allow both visitors and locals, which is said to appeal to the millennial sense of full-immersion within the city they reside in. The inclusion of natives living among visitors adds a level of authenticism that isn’t usually afforded by the likes of hotels and other such venues. Addressing the desires of today’s highly mobile and experiential young crowd, the full strategic scope of the project will stay flexible, so as to adhere to cultural and architectural divisions imposed by new cities Jo & Joe plans on moving in to. Current locations include Paris, Warsaw, Budapest, Rio and Sao Paulo, with the latest announced destination returning to France in the city of Bordeaux.

This story originally appeared on PSFK by Ido Lechner.