Jiffy is Offering FREE Snow Removal Today and Tomorrow Across the GTA

It’s finally coming: What promises to be the biggest snowstorm of the winter is about to (see: already) hit the GTA.

And, for all the novelty that offers during a virtually snow-free winter, the looming storm also comes with one major pain in the ass: snow shovelling.

But there’s a silver lining in the otherwise dreary clouds: Jiffy – the on-demand home maintenance platform we told you about awhile back – is offering FREE snow removal to all GTA residents.

Yes, we’re serious.

The service includes plowing and salting of driveways and walkways this afternoon/evening, and tomorrow morning. All you have to do is input the promo code “SNOWDAY” to request the on-demand snow removal.

You know what they say, the first time is always free…