JetBlue Offered 150 Passengers a Free Flight to Anywhere They Fly…With One Catch

As the U.S. presidential campaigns continue to heat up, voters seem more unwilling to reach a unanimous decision.

But with the hopes to get Americans to “reach across the aisle” and reach an agreement, JetBlue Airways promised an airplane full of unsuspecting passengers free round-trip airfare to one of 20 domestic or international destinations on JetBlue’s route.

If you’re thinking this sounds too good to be true, you’re right.

Passengers would only get the travel vouchers if they could unanimously agree on a single location before their flight landed.

The first order of business was to decide whether the trip would be domestic or international, which was determined through passengers discussing their options and voting their opinions.

Then, after seeing where around the world JetBlue travelled, the passengers decided on two international destinations: Costa Rica and Turks and Caicos.

The travel destination was determined after several rounds of deliberation and voting until the entire flight reached a unanimous decision.

The end result? 150 total strangers were able to set aside their differences and reach an agreement on Costa Rica.

The video ends with an announcer saying, “If people compromise and come together, all parties can win.”

Maybe politicians should take note of this. Either way, it’s a pretty great marketing campaign.