Jet Set Exercise for the Travelling YP

Travelling for work has its ups and downs: you get to see new cities and countries, but you are often so busy working that you don’t have a lot of time or energy do much else, including your at-home exercise routine. Undoubtedly, extended travel can derail the routine of even the most dedicated young professional at a time when long work hours make for an even greater need to balance, refocus, and regroup with exercise. 

Here are some ways that you can keep making exercise a part of your routine while you are travelling:

Check out the gym. Do some research when you are booking your stay and find a hotel that has the fitness facilities you want (e.g., gym, pool, weight room, squash courts). Some hotels will even provide you with workout gear so that you don’t have to waste precious luggage space with exercise gear. For example, a complimentary membership with the Fairmont President’s Club gives you have access to Fairmont Fit, which provides apparel, shoes, an MP3 player (pre-loaded with music), and a yoga mat with a stretch band.

Join a group. Running is one of the better ways to work out on the go since the equipment is minimal, but sometimes hotels are not well situated for an outdoor jog. If you are unsure where to run or if you don’t feel comfortable running by yourself in a new city, meet up with a local running group like the Running Room’s Run Club. Every Wednesday (6pm) and Sunday (8:30am), you can join local runners and walkers for group runs of varying lengths and paces. Running Room is located across Canada and the US and each store hosts the Run Club.

Suspension train with the TRX. The TRX system is a great way to get an intense, full body workout that uses your body weight to challenge your core, your strength, and your flexibility. It is lightweight and compact (2 lbs.) and it can be used anywhere you have a secure anchor point, like the back of a sturdy hotel door (using the TRX Door Anchor). The system comes with a training DVD and workout guide to get you started. You will most likely discover that you have muscles you didn’t know existed. Learn more here.

With a little help from your virtual friends. One of the best things about fitness classes is that the instructor will push you to work hard and challenge your body in ways you may have never imagined. If you’re feeling lost without the encouragement and creativity of an instructor, get a little help from a virtual trainer. There are a number of websites that offer free videos and podcasts to get you moving. Some of our favourites include Blogilates (pilates and cardio), All the Way LIVE (yoga), and Motion Traxx (running, cycling, and general exercise).