Janice Yip: Today’s Notable Young Professional

Janice Yip has developed an incredibly diverse profile during her eight years in marketing, from media planning for ALDO’s YouthAids campaign to deciphering the market positioning of different drugs, launching business jets internationally, and attending fashion shows in Sweden…

You seem very dedicated to your career. Tell us a little bit more about your passion.
I have built an ardent relationship with marketing in the last eight years, cultivating experiences from the field of media, pharmaceuticals, fashion and aerospace. Be it media planning for ALDO’s YouthAids campaign, deciphering the market positioning of different drugs, launching business jets internationally, or attending fashion shows in Sweden whilst building the brand awareness of one of my favourite Swedish brands, I feel most accomplished when building visceral and meaningful connections with my target markets. 

My diverse background and passion to link entities, evolve brands and inspire stakeholders on every level allows me to devote my time to educating, influencing and to being resourceful. Similarly, as marketing is ever-changing, and is a craft that infuses art with business, I place ample emphasis in connecting with new people, indulging in new experiences, and in keeping up with new technologies. This is how I choose to carry out my profession.

How do you make a difference in the community, both professionally and socially? 
I find value in education and in sharing knowledge, whenever possible. Contributing what I have learnt through experiences, trials and errors, and applying my skills to efficiently inspire my peers and community with new ideas, is rewarding. 

Currently, as a brand manager and digital lead for Bombardier Business Aircraft, I strive to fuel innovation and to improve marketing processes on a daily basis. Similarly, I find importance in connecting not only with customers, but connecting with all the key stakeholders and influencers around the client, internal and external.

In addition, I find purpose in stepping outside of work at times to help other organizations, such as HungryKids.org, in their goal to raise awareness for their causes. Most recently, I acted as a Marketing Collaborator and Associate for Les Anges Financiers, and I have collaborated with both Les Jeunes Chambres de Commerce de Montreal and WWHearing Inc. Presently, I am part of the Young Ambassadors for Casino Against Cancer and am also a mentor as a part of the McGill Desautel Faculty of Management B.Com Mentoring Program.