J.K. Rowling Posted a Powerful Poem That Calls Out Internet Trolls

To celebrate National Poetry Day (yes, it’s a thing), J.K. Rowling decided to share a powerful, totally relevant piece by Musa Okwonga.

The poem is called “Invisible Men,” which addresses online trolls – especially that “special” breed that directs rape threats at women as they hide behind their computer screens. It was taken from Okwonga’s Eating Roses For Dinner, a compilation of his poetry over the past 10 years.

The poem asks the trolls who they are and questions why they harbour such anger, shame, and hate.

Ironically (but not surprisingly), when Okwonga retweeted Rowling he was met with anger from “anonymous misogynists.”

“Haa haa! That moment when you tweet a poem about anonymous misogynists and it receives angry, defensive tweets from anonymous misogynists :),” he Tweeted earlier today.

I guess, just as haters gonna hate, trolls gonna continue to troll.