It’s Official: Uber is Now Legal in Toronto

City council has finally, officially approved Uber to operate legally in the city.

The city has also implemented a new set of rules for private transportation companies (PTC), which includes a license that Uber and other ride-hailing services would have to apply for. And while these new changes were met with disappointed boos from Toronto cab drivers, victorious cheers erupted from the opposing party as months of bickering have come to an end.

Tuesday night’s decision was reached after hours of debate – with John Tory convincing city councillors to vote 27-15 in favour of the new rules and regulations.

The most notable change will require the UberX base fare to increase by 75 cents to $3.25, the rate currently used by Toronto taxis. Taxi drivers will also be able to enforce surge pricing, but only for fares that are booked through an online app. Uber, meanwhile, is planning to kill surge pricing.

Uber drivers are also required to file a number of registration documents with the city, which include licence, insurance, and vehicle inspection reports.