It Isn’t a Red Carpet Unless Deadmau5 Tells You to Smell His Mau5head

One charity event held at an upscale Toronto hotel can blend into the next. Thursday’s Baeumler Family Foundation for Kids (BFF) second annual black-tie fundraising gala, however, offered a refreshing element. Designed to loosen those ties and to create a unique event, the cocktail reception and gala dinner were made complete (and distinct) with karaoke. And nothing can break the ice of a sometimes stuffy and pretentious event more than karaoke. Held at the Ritz-Carlton in Toronto, the high-profile event was hosted by Foundation founders Bryan and Sarah Baeumler, stars of HGTV’s Leave it to Bryan. The event raises funds to support children and family advocacy. In partnership with presenting sponsor Lowes, it provides renovations to famillies in need. 

Notable faces were out in full force to support, and we caught up with some on the red carpet….

On supporting the cause:

“Bryan inspired me to get involved with the event. He passed me a message telling me about it, so I went online to find out a little more about the whole thing. I think, internally, I feel that I need to start getting involved in this kind of thing. That means attending more events but also thinking to next level it and do a proper gala in my scene, which is obviously not homemaking or home building-related or anything.  I am going to cruise around and take notes to see if I can think of creating fundraising techniques for an electronic musician.”  
– Deadmau5 (Grammy Award-winning DJ)

“What inspired me to get involved? I got an invitation. I had heard about it and Bryan had spoken to me about it – he has been on the show a couple of times. I don’t go out very often, to be honest with you, because I wake up at 3:30 in the morning. But I really like these people and they do such great work, both on and off the screen, so I knew it was a great thing for me to be a part of.”
– Marilyn Denis (host of the Marilyn Denis Show)

”Aside from supporting the cause, I am looking forward to seeing a lot of friends who I haven’t seen in a few years because I have been in baby mode. First I was pregnant, then home for a year. I am also looking forward to the karaoke, of course.”  
– Monika Schnarre (supermodel)

On go-to karaoke picks:

Angel of Death by Slayer. That’s my shower song.”
– Deadmau5 (Grammy Award-winning DJ)

”I don’t have a favourite go-to, but last year I did sing with one of the CFL players. It was pretty impromptu after a glass of wine or two, or three… I am hoping that this year I will get him as a partner again, or maybe the girls will do something. I want to try to up the ante.”
– Mary Zilba (Real Houswives of Vancouver)

“I don’t know if I am going to be here when they do the karaoke because I have to go to bed early. But with anything from the seventies, I think I would be good.”
 Marilyn Denis (host of the Marilyn Denis Show)

“I like Salt and Peppa’s Push It, but my husband told me he would divorce me if I sang so I am not sure that will happen. I look forward to other people singing though.”
Monika Schnarre (supermodel)

”Nobody on this planet needs to see me sing. Should I get dragged up, I am thinking seventies disco. I think I need avoid the deep ones because I can’t carry a tune for my life.”
Liza Fromer (host, Global Morning Show)

”I am getting really nervous about the karaoke part; everybody is trying to get me to sing. I come to this gala, which is for a great cause by the way, and they have this karaoke night, and they are like Stacy you’re singing. And I’m like, no, I’m not. Not unless I had a glass of wine in me. But if I had to do one, I would go with 80s, Annie Lennox, Sweet Dreams, because my voice could do that. Right?”
Stacey Mckenzie (supermodel)

“I sang last year, but I am not writing it off this year. Last year, I will take credit for being the only one who sang and danced. There may be a video out there. Watching it, I had to promise not to let myself drink like that anymore. How do you top singing and dancing? I am thinking maybe tumbling, flipping or streaking. I don’t know if I am going to go top 40 or old school tonight. I’m sort of torn between doing Miley Cyrus, Britney Spears, or Celine Dion. You never know what you’re going to get.”
– Scott McGillivray (HGTV’s Income Property)

On what’s on repeat:

“I am a bit old school. I usually stick with classic rock. But I understand that Deadmau5 is supposed to be here tonight and I want to expand my horizons, so maybe that will be how I do it.”
Liza Fromer (host, Global Morning Show)

“I listen to a lot of Rihanna. Rihanna is constantly on my iPod.”
Robin Reichman (Real Houswives of Vancouver)

On a dream private concert:

“I love The Eagles; but Earth, Wind and Fire, hands down. That would be my choice for a private concert. I would sing backup for them too. But never a duet. Did you see what happened last night to Ryan Seacrest? Never a duet. It was fabulous because it was so bad.”
Marilyn Denis (host of the Marilyn Denis Show)

“Led Zeppelin. Done.”
Liza Fromer (host Global Morning Show)

“I would have a private concert with The Beatles. I have a lot of questions for those guys.”
– Scott McGillivray (HGTV’s Income Property)

On youth-defining tunes:

“The Tragically Hip, Steve Miller Band, Oh my god, I was on YouTube listening to Fly Like an Eagle the other day and was like, am I at the cottage in 1995? I love that stuff. Also Taking Care of Business by Bachman Turner – that’s a good one too.”
Scott McGillivray (HGTV’s Income Property)

“I love 80s soft rock – Duran Duran, Depeche Mode, Prince’s Purple Rain album, anything from there.”  
Stacey McKenzie (supermodel, judge and coach for Canada’s Next Top Model)

“I just posted something on Cyndi Lauper because her album turned 30, so her. I’m an 80s girl so Prnice, Michael Jackson… my husband and I just watched the This Is It documentary and, even though my husband is younger than I am, we both enjoy Michael Jackson. I would love to have a private concert with Michael Jackson. These days, I love Adele.”
Monika Schnarre (supermodel)

On favourite spots in Toronto:

“I like Lou Dawg’s and I really want to try Burger’s Priest. But if you’re in the mood for some really good food, I would check out The Chase – I’ve been going there a lot lately.”
– Deadmau5 (Grammy Award-winning DJ)

Our favourite part of the carpet was when Deadmaus hit the end of it and finally took off his signature iconic Mau5head to ask us if we wanted to smell it. We politely declined but can certainly imagine. 

Other notable guests included Anne Mroczkowski (Canadian media personality), Ben Mulroney (host of etalk) & Jessica Mulroney (Kleinfelds Canada), Drew Taylor (former Toronto Blue Jay), Gabrielle Miller (actor, Call me Fitz), Jennifer Valentyne (live eye host BT Toronto), Jian Ghomeshi (CBC’s Q with Jian Ghomeshi), Mary Zilba and Robin Reichman (Real Houswives of Vancouver) and Brad Smith (entertainment host CityTV and former Bachelor star).

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