iphonopgraphy Sessions: The Fun Way to Look Professional

Tired of your Linkedin Profile Photo? We have just the thing for you…

Lori Andrews (a.k.a. The 10 Cent Designer) is the queen of Instagram these days. Boasting over 18,000 followers, you can always look forward to seeing her daily eye catching and stylish posts of herself.

Aside from keeping her audience captivated on social media, this sassy photographer has started offering a very cool kind of service that every local young professional should know about. For a very reasonable price you can take advantage of Lori’s iphonography Portrait sessions, a great option if you’re trying to update your professional look.  

Lori gave us a few details on what you can expect if you book a session with her. 

What inspired you to start the iphoneography sessions?
I started my iPhone sessions after picking up a cheap and cheerful continuous light stand to experiment with (florescent lights in a soft box). I have a full set of pro lights but wanted to experiment with something lightweight. The lights turned out to be perfect for use with an iPhone and have actually proven to be less intimidating for clients as they are soft and don’t “pop” the way my other lighting system does. The clients are often completely relaxed and we have a great time together while getting silly.  

In my one-hour sessions we always manage to get quite a few flattering and cool images of the client, which is a positive instant reinforcement for them. I want all of my clients to feel their most attractive and my little lighting system is perfect combined with the iPhone to create soft and pretty photos or slightly moody conceptual images.

What would you recommend clients use these photos for? 
I recommend the images for personal icon photos on social media including LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and blogs. They also make excellent headshot images to send away with interviews. The images are large enough to make small prints and I can convert them to Polaroid images with my instant lab for the client as well.   

On your website you mention that wardrobe changes are included in the price of the photo session. What does that involve?

I recommend each client bring three changes of clothing. One more serious for their professional look and two colourful, fitted, flattering outfits for some fun conceptual images. Most clients bring several choices and we will go through them just before the shoot and decide which will photograph best and show off their personality. I’m decisive. It generally takes me one look through the clothing to make my recommendations. I prefer clients dress either completely monotone or in colourful prints and I try to steer them away from black clothing unless it is very graphic. Some clients bring their own props (which I love) and occasionally I will tear through my own costume trunk to find fun props that suit the client’s look, such as a pretty umbrella or cool old camera. 

What feedback have you received from clients? 
The feedback I have received has been super positive and I’ve received actual cards of thanks from many of my iphonography clients. It reinforces my desire to meet my clients’ expectations and present them with portraits that show all their best sides.  I like to think I have a very good detective’s eye and I use my observations to direct my clients’ poses and facial expressions.  

I’ve worked with people who needed job search images – who got the job, newly single people who find the feedback from the images helps with their own self esteem, and gorgeous folks who simply have no experience of how to stand in front of a camera.

Anything else that young professionals should know about the sessions?
I’m a photographer. If I’m taking images of a female client I will insist we discuss having a makeup artist come in before the shoot. In photography, makeup highlights the best parts and plays down the less than perfect parts. The makeup is an extra add-on, but the expense is well worth it. I’ll powder my male client’s face before the shoot… even if he protests.   

I also offer and strongly recommend post-process as an additional add-on service for clients. The iPhone is “softer” than a DSLR camera but the iPhone camera is sharp enough to pick up those little spots and imperfections that I can quickly Photoshop out.  


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