Introduce Your Workout to the Weekend: There is Now a ‘Protein Beer’

People love to cap achievements by tilting back a few wobbly pops – achievements like coming home from a full day of work or turning on the TV to put on sports.

Unfortunately, one of our most consistent achievements – going to the gym – often goes uncheersed. You know, healthy living, clean eating, detox… all that jazz.

Well, guess what? You could soon be able to indulge in a beer while doing something meaningful for your body at the same time.

A couple of bros have created something that should have been done a long time ago: protein beer.

Their company, Supplemental Brewing, “specializes in making beers that not only taste great but also meet your fitness goals,” and currently offers two products: Brewtein (5%, 7 grams of protein) and Nutribeer (4%, 4 grams of protein).

One is recommended with a lemon wedge while the other’s suggested serving is ice cold; we can only assume there is a slight compromise in taste somewhere along the brewing process.

Their kickstarter campaign has raised $13,000 of its $40,000 as of this writing; pending full funding, product is expected to ship before Christmas. As if more New Years’ resolutions needed to include “going to the gym.”

Amazingly, a $50-or-more contribution entitles you to receive a three-pound Beerbell, which is almost three tallboys of beer.

“This is where your WORKOUT meets your WEEKEND.”


All photos courtesy of Supplemental Brewing.