6 Hard-Hitting Questions You Need To Ask In Every Interview

In the interest of both the workplace and the worker, positive psychology suggests it’s important to set yourself up in a job where you can build on your own strengths and interests. Dave Karpen, Likeable CEO and New York Times best-selling author, thinks that asking questions is The 1 Thing You Must Do In Every Job Interview to find out if the job is right for you, not if you’re right for the job.

The 6 Questions You Need To Ask To Discover If A Job Is Right For YOU

What do you enjoy/find fulfilling about working here?
Does the interviewer light up from this question? Or are they seemingly dead inside? You deserve to know if others are happy in that workplace.

How would you say this workplace defines and measures success?
This is a great way to poke into the workplace’s values, and if they align with your own values, strengths, and goals.

What’s the most important thing I could accomplish in the first two months?
If their answer sounds manageable, challenging, exciting — woohoo! You will also project ambition which is a great thing.

Does this company foster and promote wellness among its employees? 
It’s important to know if a workplace really values your wellbeing; to what degree; and what aspects of wellness they to focus on.

Who used to have this job, and where are they now?
Get a quick look at what kind of path this job can begin to carve out for you. And, if it’s a new position, inquire about internal trajectory.

How does this workplace implement and sustain a diverse and inclusive culture?
It’s imperative for all individuals to feel safe and welcome in a workplace regardless of their race, gender, religion/spirituality, sexual orientation.

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