International Weekender: October 2 through 5, 2014

We already spoil you with a weekly rundown of the hottest events in your city – but for jetsetters like you, sometimes that just isn’t enough.

You want to know exactly what’s going on wherever your plane may touch down over the next three days.

Well, now you can.

As for learning the local language, that one’s on you.

Oktoberfest, Munich

We already told you about it last week, but the festival of all things beer and pretzels is still in full swing. If there’s a time to conveniently stopover in Munich, this is it.

Stockholm Affordable Art Fair 
We recently told you all about affordable and effortless art – but here’s your chance to experience it in person. This fresh approach to contemporary art touches down in Stockholm from Oct. 2-5. As should you.

FOCUS100, New York
This exhibition of all things technology labels itself ‘The Most Diverse Tech Conference on the Planet’, with over 80% of speakers being women or people of colour. From innovative startups to companies like Facebook and Google in attendance, you’ll definitely want to check in.

The Illusionists 2.0, Abu Dhabi
Some of the world’s most impressive mental and optical illusionists will be wowing crowds in Abu Dhabi until Oct. 5 with a series of sophisticated, cutting-edge performances. Always a great city to stopover in.

Asia Contemporary Art Show, Hong Kong
Modern art showcases are always worth a look the world over, so you’d be wise to check out the Asia Contemporary Art Show from Oct. 2-5 if you’re passing through Hong Kong this weekend.

Marbella Film Festival 
OK, so it’s not Cannes in the South of France – but a stop in the South of Spain to check out a few films in Marbella is worth putting on your radar. Malaga’s a popular stopover destination, right?

Art & About, Sydney
Every street, laneway, building site, intersection, and thoroughfare in the heart of Sydney will become a canvas for art from now until Oct. 12. Step off the plane and see what you stumble into. That’s how the best trips always start out. 


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