Interactive Ways to Entertain Clients

Young professionals are known to mix business with pleasure. The strategic YP knows the importance of fostering meaningful relationships with clients and investing time into treating them either as a token of thanks for their business or to ensure a sustainable business relationship for the future. When entertaining clients, dinner and drinks are typical and safe options. But why not venture away with a more memorable experience for clients; something special and a novelty and outside the realm of the expected?

Concert tickets:
Concert tickets are a no-brainer. Concerts, especially when it involves a favourite band, mark an unforgettable experience for years to come. Like most YPs, we can clearly remember every concert we ever attended, who we went with, and probably even what we did after. Give your clients enough notice, though; there is nothing worse than being offered tickets to your favourite artist and not being able to go because you don’t have a sitter, have other plans, or are out of town.

Ski day:
A ski day provides a memorable experience, and a welcomed winter alternative to golf. If you drive up together, the car provides a relaxed atmosphere to get all of the “shop talk” out of the way, leaving the rest of the day for leisure and fun. A ski day also provides a more wholesome, alcohol-free way to connect with clients and get a workout in the process – and one that won’t get him in trouble with his wife.

Skeet Shooting:
Yeah, this one may be a little out there, but it was suggested to us by a fellow YP who did it and was met with great response. This provides a unique option because it is usually a new experience for males and females alike. They get to handle a gun in a controlled environment and will likely return home excitedly speaking of the experience.

For male and female clients alike, a spa day offers a relaxed environment to unwind, indulge, and spoil oneself. Sure, it may be a little more of an intimate experience. This is a particularly good option among females; it provides a way of talking business while relaxing.

Winery Tour:
A winery is a good idea for a day-long excursion of wine tasting and food pairing and is a way to incorporate alcohol in a more civilized manner than a busy after-work bar for the more conservative client. It provides a memorable experience, and a learning experience, too, as you increase your wine knowledge.

Cooking Classes:
Like the winery, cooking classes provide a more interactive and informative experience than your client dinner. Most of our cities offer classes; in Toronto, YPs and their clients frequent Calphalon.

Boat Cruise:
Charter a boat for a sunset cruise for an unforgettable experience. Nothing says novelty like a boat ride. This also provides the option to entertain a group of clients; after all, it can be pricey and you want to get your money’s worth. 

Go-carting provides a fun alternative to the typical bowling or driving range. Unlike golf, nobody is good at go-carting. It makes for a memorable experience and also provides a means to compete in a friendly manner.

Golf has always been a staple client activity and we are pretty sure it always will be. Just because 99% of the male YP population golfs and has grown up golfing, doesn’t mean everyone has. For the novice golfer, a round of golf can seem more like torture than a nice day out.

Charity Event:
You are going to go anyway, so why not buy a table at a charity event and invite your most important clients. Females especially love the chance to get dressed up and be seen, but not everyone wants to drop upwards of $150 for a charity ticket.

Vegas trip:
Some of our finance industry YPs have gone as far as taking their single clients to Vegas but, in general, strip clubs or casinos are not the best idea.